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December 2, 2010 | » PLANET LOFOTEN-BLOG

Not big but significant – Pluto has the size of a sweet grape, if the earth had the size of a big blue plum. (Planet Lofoten 1 : 2 million ). Planet Pluto is placed on top of a long rusty steel rod at the northern seafront at Nordland on the island of Værøy far out in the Lofoten Islands. A year ago or so it was reported that Pluto had disappeared – simply gone – and a slight panic rose in Jan the creator – like a father having lost sight of his child. Why would anyone take Pluto away. Could it be someone from the Official Board of the Solar System who decided that Pluto no longer is considered a part of the Solar system – such nonsense. Or maybe someone fell in love with this tiny planet and couldn´t leave the islands of Lofoten without this little beauty in their hand baggage.
We will probably never know the whole story but we will know for sure that Pluto soon will return, before the end of the year we hope. Strong and shiny. Not big but significant.