AVISA NORDLAND While visiting boatbuilder Kai Linde at Rognan this weekend, we had a journalist coming around and we had to tell him a bit about the Hybrid – about our first little test of the model-boat in the local swimming pool. We had a lot of fun and in fact it was quite an experience to see the model fly by – looking from a fish point of view. Lets hope the future cod will see a lot of boats with this shape sailing around the Lofoten islands chasing them. Norwegian text only/ –
Avisa Nordland
10. January 2011

THE RED BULLETIN /red bull magazine “Jan Wanggaard was once the windsurfing World Champion. Now he´s the master of his own world and creates art in the northernmost reaches of Europe. Here´s the story of a man who got away from it all.” Words: Alexander Lisetz/ Photography: Philipp Horak. Read the October 2010 –
Red Bull Magazine

October 2010

BUDSTIKKA PLUSS “Hele livet har Jan Wanggaard seilt sin egen sjø. Først ble han verdensmester på brett, så rømte han til Reine. Nå har 48-åringen ned- skalert hele solsystemet og båret alle planetene ut i landskapet. Det ble det tv-dokumentar av.” Norwegian text only/ –
Budstikka Pluss.
16. September 2006.

MELLOM PLANETENE/ Jordkloden på Reine.
LOFOTPOSTEN “Synes du det er vanskelig å fatte sol- systemets dimensjoner? Det syntes Jan Wanggaard også. Derfor lagde han en modell i Lofotformat. Du finner jord- kloden på Reine.” Norwegian text only/ –
2. September 2006 Side 10 og 11.

In his early twenties Jan wanggaard was one of the big champions of the windsurfing circus, topped by winning International titles such as European and World Champion in 1981, including World Cup victories Jan left the sport at the top of his career, aged 25 and started his Art & Design studies in England. – Foto / Articles.

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