Blue Sky Fishing will consist of a long development process with a need for support
on many levels from direct financial help to support on technical issues, material supply etc.
At this point in time we have started the physical development of the first prototype boat, namely the Hybrid, which is at the moment purely backed by private support and a high level of goodwill from people with particular interest in the different issues
related to the project.
The development process of the Hybrid will take about one year and hopefully we will be able to start the building process of a first full size prototype for the Sailpowered Fishingboat in 2012
During this first year of development we will try to build a strong base of support for this project so it can build a necessary strength to continue into the future.

If you find Blue Sky particularly interesting do not hesitate to take contact with us so we can discuss a possible cooperation for the future.

Relevant sponsors needed.

Main sponsor : A company with relevance to our ambitions stated in our general philosophy with Blue Sky Living

Boat building equipment
General Sailing equipment
Rig and Sail
Sailing/Fishing clothes
Fishing equipment
Boat Electronics – Communication
Boat safety equipment
Wind and Solar – Power
Electric-Hybrid Marine engines

I have always been driven by a naturally given motivation for whatever I have been engaged with in my life- from early days wIndsurfing to projects like Misvær Marit, Planet Lofoten and most recent, Blue Sky.
Most initiatives from my hand have been financed by myself. This is good in the way that I have freedom to choose the speed, direction and priority of the process. In the other way it is difficult as I am often in lack of money and time to follow up projects in a way that is desired and favourable for the process as a whole.
I have thought a great deal about this principle or philosophy of mine and it comes down very much to keep alive a feeling of integrity, and freedom. At this moment in time I feel quite comfortable asking for support from those who will find The Sailpowered Fishing project interesting.

jan wanggaard