Exhibition Equilibrium in Gallery Trafo, Norway, June – Aug. 2009 started up with a two month In-Gallery Workshop.
The intention was to make the initiary process before the exhibiton opening more available to the public. The last three days before the exhibition opening became a performance – also available to a limited group – and can be view in the enclosed time-lapsed film-cut.
About his work in Galleri Trafo (Kunsthallen) Wanggaard sayd : “I do not intend anything – there is nothing to gain – or loose. Not for me alone or towards anybody else. The material and the process builds its own logic – becomes self-explanatory in all – indicating all there is to know. In the same breath it predicts a detachment from all, and that final peace to be born out of this” . –> http://www.galleritrafo.no/galleri1/Wanggaard.html

Galleri Trafo - Wanggaard, stoneart

photo © panta rei – jan wanggaard
Exhibition “Equilibrium”
Gallery Trafo / http://www.galleritrafo.no