The best way to experience Planet Lofoten will for sure be to walk around or travel it by boat. Still some planets are not put out and the sun is still patiently waiting to be erected. There is no official map made to help people find the planets, so the best way for the moment is the word of mouth. Here comes some pictures from the process of installation of Planet Lofoten.

On the left Earth and Venus and in the middle The Sun to be and on the right Saturn ready for take off to Bunes Beach.

Saturn ready to be brought into position at Bunes Beach by the Nordlandsbåt åttringen Misvær-Marit

carrying_ saturn, planet lofoten, wanggaard, land art A nice bunch of people are carrying Saturn into its final position with a good view to the big ocean in the west.

Saturn has found its position and the Sun rests patiently in the horizon for her turn to come.

saturn in position, planet lofoten, wanggaard, land art

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December 2, 2010 | News » PLANET LOFOTEN-BLOG

Not big but significant – Pluto has the size of a sweet grape, if the earth had the size of a big blue plum. (Planet Lofoten 1 : 2 million ). Planet Pluto is placed on top of a long rusty steel rod at the […]