During the winter 08/09 I spent a few months in New Zealand mainly by Aorere River on the South Island. Aorere is rated one of the best trout rivers of the world according to fly-fishing-freak-friend Lars. I dont consider myself as a sport fisherman. I normally fish to catch food for dinner. And so I did. To catch a fish and then to release it seem to me to be respect less and an insult to the fish if my mind should move into those circle of fishy thinking. It’s actually quite weird to experience that the locals in NZ considered me quite ruthless and wild, wanting to eat the fish that I caught. The argument was that if everyone did what I did – there would be no fish left to play with, makes me only thing that, if so, then we ould have to regulate the fishing so we don’t empty the river. This is how we regulate and control the fish stock in the northern hemisphere. Anyway this can end up being a long discussion – so I choose to focus on the riverbed of plenty. Plenty of riverstones – to play with. So does the stones mind that I organize them in a different manner than nature have done. Well that’s an other discussion.
I guess one question would be – is the fish more alive than the riverstone.

riverstone- land art - wanggaard- new zealand

riverstone, land art, wanggaard, new zealand