The Stone Sofa was built in 2004 as a spontaneous happening during the realization of Planet Lofoten. As I was preparing for the arrival of Jupiter hight up in the Munkan mountain area my eyes caught attention on some good looking hand stones, and I couldn’t take my hands off them. As I was sort of ready for lunch and looked for a good place to sit close to the coming planet I thought this is really where I should deserve to have a good sofa to rest in. Even more so than at home in the cabin in front of the fireplace. So I was caught by the idea and Lars the filmmaker joined me in the process that really only took a few good hours of moving stones.
The Stone Sofa has become a favourite spot to enjoy Jupiter, gives good protection from the wind and is facing directly the glorious mountain of Hermannsdalstind. So there it is – please sit down or have a little deserved nap.

jan wanggaard

Having a little rest before the spectacular airborn arrival of Jupiter.