I have hesitation when it comes to tell about the valley. The Valley can not be explained with words. It is a place to be rather than talked about. Still it would be silly of me to leave the valley out of this general presentation of “concept jan wanggaard” but the valley is no longer a concept. The valley is real.

The valley is a place on the ocean side of one of the Lofoten island. There is no road or even good access by boat to this valley. The best way to get there is to walk over the mountain. It takes a few hours. I will probably spend more time there gradually in the time to come.

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October 12, 2010 | News » Press, The Valley

ARTICLE IN RED BULL MAGAZINE : JAN´S WORLD “Jan Wanggaard was once the windsurfing World Champion. Now he´s the master of his own world and creates art in the northernmost reaches of Europe. Here´s the story of a man who got away from it all.” […]